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Become the guitar player other guys… “wanna be”!


“WOW!Factor”™  Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons and Song Tutorials


Gaylerd has been a professional musician, entertainer and guitar teacher for over 40 years. Now, he pours out his experience and knowledge into a comprehensive library of incredible beginner acoustic guitar lessons and song tutorials.

What sets Gaylerd apart

But Gaylerd will do more than just teach you guitar. He will teach you how to put “WOW!Factor”™ into your guitar playing. That’s right, “WOW!Factor”! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, it is “WOW!Factor” that will help you become the guitar player other guys “wanna be”. Because “WOW!Factor”™ makes it sound as if you are playing songs on two guitars simultaneously. And just so you know… GaylerdGUITAR is the ONLY site where you can come to learn his extreme acoustic guitar skill.


“Hi, I’m Gaylerd. Are you Ready to LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR, better than the other guys! Well, you’ve come to the right place.Songs Snapshot Because you just clicked your way to THE ONLY site on the internet to get WOW!Factor” ACOUSTIC GUITAR LESSONS and  SONG TUTORIALS. In fact, tons of BEGINNER and EXPERIENCED guitar players just like you, already come here to learn how to play extreme acoustic guitar.”

New students learn to play guitar from the ground up with my “WOW!Factor”™ Beginner Guitar Lessons. While experienced players learn-how-to-play-songs better with “WOW!Factor”™
So whether you’re new to guitar or a seasoned player, NOW is the time for YOU to learn WOW!Factor” guitar too! Because that’s when you will become the extreme acoustic guitar player other guys talk about when they say things like… “Man, I wanna play like him!”    – Gaylerd   

In ways LARGE and small, Gaylerd can help you change the way you play guitar!


Learn to Play GUITAR

Beginner Guitar Lessons1) “Starting From Scratch”: Online Videos

Even if you have never even held a guitar before, Gaylerd’s fun and exciting online video series, “Starting from Scratch”, will teach you how to play “WOW!Factor”™  guitar from the ground up. And since it begins with the very basic fundamentals, no experience is necessary. You’ll enjoy unlimited 24/7/365 access to the entire online video library of beginner guitar lessons. And if you join GaylerdGUITAR as a member, you can even get LIVE online help for your lessons from Gaylerd.


www-1216175_12802) Private Beginner Guitar Lessons: LIVE Online

Now you can learn how to play guitar by taking LIVE “WOW!Factor”™  Beginner Guitar Lessons from Gaylerd over the internet. And you can take them right there in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Now come on! How cool is that!


Learn to Play SONGS

jukebox-32807_12801) FREE Song Tutorials

Learn to play some of your favorite songs for free. If you already know how to play guitar, then my free online video Song Tutorials of Classic Rock, Country, Pop, Worship, and a few classic Christmas Songs will help you take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level by teaching you how to put WOW!Factor”™ into the songs

guitar-1201377_12802) Video Song Tutorials Created-for-You

Put “WOW!Factor”™ guitar at your fingertips with online Video Song Tutorials that Gaylerd will create for you. Created-for-You tutorials are the most popular way people are choosing to learn to play songs with extreme acoustic guitar skills. So if you want to learn how to play your favorite songs like a Rock-Star, let Gaylerd create a “WOW!Factor”™ video tutorial for you. Just send Gaylerd a Song Request and see if he can create the lesson.

woman-1379806_19203) LIVE Online Song Lessons with Gaylerd

Have you ever wanted to take a LIVE guitar lesson just to learn a song? Now you can! My LIVE Online lessons are THE BEST way for you to learn how to put “WOW!Factor”™ into your songs. Especially if you need to learn a song for a wedding, worship service, or private party that’s just around the corner. Schedule a Live Onlinelesson with Gaylerd and let him teach you to play right there in the comfort and convenience of your home. LISTEN to Gaylerd put “WOW!Factor“™ into a Song.       



power-sports-1015688_1920KICK-START YOUR WAY TO WOW!Factor”™ GUITAR

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Are you serious about becoming the guitar player other guys “wanna be”? Then why not SAVE LOTS OF MONEY along the way? Join GaylerdGUITAR as a POWERPak Member and you’ll get 24/7365 access to the additional learning resources that are available to Sponsors and Members Only! And it doesn’t matter whether you are an absolute beginner or an intermediate or advanced player. Because a POWERPak Membership is the most COST EFFECTIVE way for you to learn how-to-play GUITAR and how to put “WOW!Factor”™ into the SONGS you play! songs!