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Learn to play guitar from the ground up


LEARNING TO PLAY GUITAR HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY-PEASY! And since these easy to follow step-by-step lessons start on square one with the very basic fundamentals…      NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

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Start learning songs faster, easier and better with  Gaylerd’s “WOW!Factor” song tutorials and his new unlimited learning feature… LOGIN and LEARN™!  Now members can simply LOGIN and LEARN an entire LIBRARY of Classic Rock and Country songs… ON-DEMAND! So why not build your entire song repertoire with the tutorials in The SHOWCASE Library and GaylerdGUITAR’s unique LOGIN and LEARN™ feature. Now you really can become the guitar player other guys “wanna be”!         Learn More



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Don’t see your favorite song in the library? Send me a Song Request to see if I can build a lesson for you. And don’t worry because there’s NO COST for asking. Click here to learn more.





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IMAGINE THE LEARNING POWER of having a Hall-PASS that grants you unlimited access to The NEWBIES Library, The SHOWCASE Library, and the exclusive RED CARPET Room   This is the MOST POPULAR OPTION on GaylerdGUITAR™. Click to learn more!





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Hey, I realize there may be times that you only need to learn one or two songs for a special event like a wedding, birthday party, or company picnic and don’t really want to purchase a full membership plan to do it. No problem! You can take advantage of the “Learn-by-the-Song” option and DOWNLOAD the individual tutorials to your computer and pay me want you think they are worth! Well, as long as it’s enough for me to buy a cup of coffee and a roll!

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“Hey, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to take a look around my site, and I’ll be right here if you have a question or suggestion. And even if you’re not ready to get a membership just yet, you should at least register for FREE to join the GaylerdGUITAR™ e-Community Group. That way, you will receive valuable Discounts, Deals, and Special Offers.  Plus, you’ll even get access to the exclusives Red Carpet Room where you can take advantage of even MORE savings! All this for FREE! And don’t worry, I won’t spam. Your email is just for me to use to keep you informed and save you money on my site! So thanks again for stopping by! And I hope I see you, in the videos!” – Gaylerd

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What’s so different about GaylerdGUITAR?

It’s what you get!  The most obvious difference with GaylerdGUITAR™ is what YOU get when you join! Instead of downloading a single song tutorial, GaylerdGUITAR™ offers ON-DEMAND access to an entire LIBRARY of video-based song tutorials. That way, you can learn as many songs as you like! And since all of the lessons are STREAMED online, you can access and learn from anywhere, any time you like!

It’s his Teaching Style! Another big difference is the teaching style! Gaylerd does more than just show you how to play chords. He’ll teach you step-by-step how to put his signature “WOW!Factor”™ into the songs. Plus, Gaylerd’s warm friendly approach makes you feel as if you are learning the songs right there in the studio.

It’s the Tutorials! One more HUGE ADVANTAGE for you is in the tutorial itself. Each video lesson includes some really cool and helpful learning features that many other teachers just don’t take time to edit in. Features like on screen Chord Diagrams, real-time riff tabs, and other helpful on-screen tips. Gaylerd’s tutorials will teach you how to do a whole lot more than just play a few riffs and strum a few chords on your acoustic guitar. They’ll teach how to put “WOW!Factor“™ into the songs!

It’s the Experience! The Bottom line is this. You’ll learn to play songs on acoustic guitar better, and enjoy the entire guitar learning experience more because GaylerdGUITAR is almost like having your own personal guitar coach on call 24/7.


Here’s What’s Happening on GaylerdGUITAR™ – DECEMBER 2017


HO! HO! HO!.WOW! This year has gone by faster than 7 tiny reindeer taking off from my rooftop!

It’s the first week of December here if Fort Worth, and I can’t believe it! The temperature is 85 degrees today! But tonight, a cold front comes in, and the high tomorrow and the rest of the week is predicted to be in the 50’s. NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!  Personally, I like the weather to be colder during the Christmas season. Oh well, ’tis the season to be jolly, no matter what the weather is!

Hey, I’ve got some exciting things planned for GaylerdGUITAR in December to make you jolly! So if you have been wanting to LOGIN and LEARN™ songs from the SHOWCASE Library, there hasn’t been a better time until now! Because now is the time to take advantage of my HOLIDAY SPECIAL OFFERS and SAVE TONS! For instance, you can get OFFER #1 today and get a full1 Year Hall-PASS to every learning tool on the website PLUS 2 Song Tutorials created for your favorite songs… all for just $75!  That deal has a retail value of $168.99. Or get 6 Months access to the Showcase Library PLUS 2 tutorials for just $50. And if that were not enough, you can even get 30 days access to the SHOWCASE Library for just $10Click here to check out all of my Holiday Special Offers.  

Now in addition to the Special Membership Offers, I’m also offering some HUGE DISCOUNTS on downloads from the e-STORE. From there, you can download any SHOWCASE LIBRARY song tutorial or chord chart and keep ‘em for life. But don’t forget… I only keep a few of the songs in the store at one time. That’s so you don’t have to search for ever to find the one you want. So if you don’t see it there, just let me know which song you want and I will add it to the store right away so you can download it and keep it for life. You’ll find a form at the bottom of the e-STORE page.

And finally, just in case you are not aware… I have made it so you can now purchase any membership as a  gift for your family members or friends with my Gift Certificate program. Once you purchase the gift, you can add a special message to the certificate for your recipient. You will be able to either print it out and deliver ito them i person, or I can emal it to them for you.

That’s about it for now, so I guess I’ll see you… in the videos!  – Gaylerd



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(Remember: Stay or get close to The Lord!  You know, I have a note in my bible on a page in the Gospel of John 2:1-12, that says…. the best advise ever given. And that note is referring to a statement that Jesus’ mother Mary gave to the servants at the The Wedding of Cana. In this account, Jesus, his mother and his disciples are all invited to a wedding. But the wine runs out. And so Mary asks Jesus to please do something about the problem. Then she turns to the wedding servants and says… “Whatever He tells you to do… DO IT!” That was great advice back then, and it is still great advice for us today. )



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