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Guitar Lessons for those who don’t sing!

Hi, I’m Gaylerd. Hey here on GaylerdGUITAR, I offer guitar lessons designed to help just about any level guitar player reach their acoustic guitar playing goals…even those who don’t sing! And you’ll learn more than just how to play better… you’ll learn how to put “WOW!Factor™” into your guitar playing.

I’ll teach you how to control the fretboard with melodic, harmonious riffs, fills and chord progressions.

So whether you’re new to guitar or coming back after laying it aside years ago,  if you can play basic chords I can teach you what it takes to become the guitar player other guys talk about when they say things like… “Man, I wanna play like him!”

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BIG DAWG Guitar – So you THINK you already know how to play acoustic guitar? Well you might want to THINK again!

BIG DAWG Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Learn Gaylerd’s secret skills for creating “WOW!Factor” on the Fretboard!

Take your playing up OVER-THE-TOP by learning to create and blend melodic riffs and fills in with your chord progressions. The BIG DAWG Guitar series is jam-packed with fun and exciting lessons that will teach you how to make it sound almost as if two guitars were playing at the same time!

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Arpeggio CHORDS & RIFFS –   The HOT Sauce in Acoustic Guitar

Learn to play chords that sound like flowing, melodic riffs!

KNOWING how to play chords using arpeggio picking patterns will take your playing to a whole new level. 

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Song Tutorials –  Your favorite Classic Rock and Country Songs

learn to play songs

Learn your entire repertoire of Classic Rock and Country songs!

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What’s so different about GaylerdGUITAR?

It’s the Experience! The Bottom line is this: You’ll learn to play songs on acoustic guitar better and enjoy the entire guitar learning experience more because GaylerdGUITAR is almost like having your own personal guitar coach on call 24/7.

It’s his Teaching Style! Another big difference is the teaching style! Gaylerd does more than just show you how to play chords. He’ll teach you step-by-step how to put his signature “WOW!Factor”™ into the songs. Plus, Gaylerd’s warm friendly approach makes you feel as if you are learning the songs right there in the studio.

It’s the Tutorials! One more HUGE ADVANTAGE for you is in the tutorial itself. Each video lesson includes some really cool and helpful learning features that many other teachers just don’t take time to edit in. Features like on screen Chord Diagrams, real-time riff tabs, and other helpful on-screen tips. Gaylerd’s tutorials will teach you how to do a whole lot more than just play a few riffs and strum a few chords on your acoustic guitar. They’ll teach how to put “WOW!Factor“™ into the songs!



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“So whether you are a seasoned guitar player, never even held a guitar before, or someone in between, I can help you reach your guitar playing goals. So take a look around my site, and I’ll see you in the videos.” – Gaylerd


“For those who have asked because they wanted to give a little something extra…. here you go! Thank you for being so kind!” – Gaylerd


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