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One of my most popular song tutorials!
One of my most popular song tutorials!
You'll love this acoustic version of this great classic hit from 1968!
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Recently Added - Eric Clapton's JAZZY version, You'll love this one too!

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MyStreet-Smart™ Beginner Guitar course is designed to teach any one at any age how to play acoustic guitar with WOW!Factor™”.

We’ll skip past the boring music theory and jump right into the street-smart fundamentals acoustic guitar players need to know.

You’ll get to know the names and numbers of the strings and how to use those strings to make your chords sound crisp, clean, and smooth.

StreetSmart™ Guitar will help you get ready to become the guitar player other guyswanna be“!

Become the Guitar Player other guys “wanna be”!

If you’re an intermediate or advanced player, then my BIG DAWG Guitar™ series is for you! These lessons will teach you how to add cool sounding, smooth flowing, melodic, harmonious, riffs, fills and transitions to your chords.

Big Dawg Guitar really will teach you how to become the guitar player other guys talk about when they say things like…

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And if you’re a seasoned player who can already play chords and riffs, then you can learn your entire repertoire of classic rock and country songs with the advanced tutorials in my SHOWCASE Songs Library. 

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Gaylerd’s BIO

Gaylerd – Guitar Teacher, Musician, Entertainer

Gaylerd has been a professional musician, entertainer, and guitar teacher for over 35 years. In addition to his professional music career as an entertainer, Gaylerd also teaches and mentors every level guitarist from beginner students to seasoned pro’s all around the world with his online guitar lessons.

Gaylerd’s unique ability to play acoustic guitar in a way that makes it sound almost as if two guitars were playing simultaneously, has tagged him the title…The ‘WOW!Factor’ Acoustic Guitar Guy”.

In March 2012, Gaylerd formed his current band, “Acoustic Shade”.  With their unparalleled blend of great vocals, hot percussions, and EXTREME acoustic guitar work, Gaylerd’s 3-piece band delivers a tastefully simple and delightfully entertaining performance that captures the audiences’ attention from the first song to the last encore!

And now YOU can learn to play guitar like Gaylerd with his online guitar lessons.

Gaylerd’s warm friendly approach makes you feel as if you are learning guitar right there in the his studio. Plus, he’ll teach you how to do a whole lot more than just play a few riffs and strum a few chords.

Let Gaylerd teach you how to put “WOW!Factor“™ into your guitar playing!

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