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Songs Snapshot“Hi, I’m Gaylerd. You just clicked your way to one of the most popular acoustic guitar learning websites on the internet today. Tons of BEGINNER and EXPERIENCED guitar players just like you, come here to learn “WOW!Factor”™ acoustic guitar! So whether you’re new to guitar or a seasoned player, the learning resources offered here on GaylerdGUITAR can be tailored to meet your personal guitar playing goals. –  Gaylerd   



Six Ways for  Y-O-U  to  Learn WOW!Factor”™ Guitar

jukebox-32807_12801) Learn to play songs for FREE – If you already know how to play the guitar, then my free online video Song Tutorials of Classic Rock, Country, Pop, Worship, and a few classic Christmas Songs will help you take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level by teaching you how to put WOW!Factor”™ into the songs. 


dvd-152917_12802) Get a Video Tutorial created for your favorite song – If you don’t see your favorite song on the list, ask Gaylerd to create an online video tutorial of it especially for you! 


cute-20577_19203) Take a “LIVE Online” Song Lesson to learn a song fast – Have you ever wanted to take a LIVE guitar lesson just to learn a song? Well, now you can. My LIVE Online lessons are the best way for you to quickly learn how to put “WOWFactor” into a song. Especially if you need to learn a song for a wedding, worship service, or private party that’s just around the corner. Schedule a “Live Online” lesson and let Gaylerd teach you how to play right there in the comfort and convenience of your home.


music-160112_12804) Learn to play guitar with my “Starting from Scatch” beginner videos Even if you have never even held a guitar before, you can learn to play guitar from the ground up with my absolute beginner guitar lessons series. Enjoy unlimited access to my entire online video library of beginner lessons. And since my beginner course starts on square one with the very basic fundamentals, no experience is necessary


www-1216175_12805) Take “LIVE Online” Beginner Guitar Lessons Now you can take LIVE beginner guitar lessons over the internet right there in the comfort and convenience of your own home, with Gaylerd as your personal guitar tutor. Now come on! How cool is that!


6) power-sports-1015688_1920Get a “POWERPak™ Membership Plan – If you’re really serious about learning how to put “WOW!Factor”™ into your guitar playing, kick-start your journey to stardom with a  POWERPak™ Membership Plan. Because when you join GaylerdGUITAR™ as a member, you SAVE LOTS OF MONEY by bundling up to 8  video tutorials and/or 8 private “LIVE Online” guitar or song lessons, personalized to help you reach your guitar dreams fast.




LISTEN to how Gaylerd puts “WOW!Factor“™ into a Song