Street-Smart  BEGINNER Guitar Series

Guitar Lessons forAbsolute Beginners!

Is your dream  to become a stellar guitar player?

Then don’t be mislead into thinking all you need to do to impress your friends is learn a few chords and play a couple of cover songs! That kind of guitar playing won’t impress anyone. You need a solid foundation to build killer fretboard and chord skills on. And that’s what you get with my “Street-Smart™ Beginner Guitar” Series.

This course is all about the fretboard and chords! 

It’s designed to teach any one at any age how to become the guitar player other guys “wanna be“.

You’ll learn the cool, acoustic guitar skills most guitarists don’t know!

Best of all, I’ll teach you how to play from the heart, NOT from the chart! Gaylerd

Introduction VIDEO:  Before you Begin this Series

In this short video, Gaylerd introduces himself and his 3-phase StreetSmart™ ” approach to his Beginner Guitar Series.

PHASE 1 – Street-Smart Guitar Fundamentals

Phase 1 is for the ABSOLUTE Beginners who have never even held a guitar before!

You’ll start your guitar journey on square one by learning the raw, basic street-smart guitar fundamentals. With this rock-solid foundation, you’ll be able to build the guitar skills you need to be able to play songs better than the other guys.

Learning about Your Guitar

Lesson 1 – The Parts of a Guitar

Lesson 2 – Holding your guitar

Lesson 3 – How to Hold your pick like Gaylerd (You’ll love this)

Lesson 4 – How to Tune your Guitar

Lesson 5 – Using your Left Hand, Right Hand, and Thumb

About the Strings and Fretboard

Lesson 6 – The Names and Numbers of the strings

Lesson 7 – How to Read TABS

String Skills for the 1st & 2nd Strings

Lesson 8 – 1st and 2nd String TABS and Notes

Lesson 9 – 1st and 2nd String Finger Exercises

Lesson 10 – Using TABS and Notes to play Jingle Bells

String Skills for the 3rd & 4th String Skills

Lesson 11 – Reading the TABS and Playing the Notes

Lesson 12 – 3rd and 4th string Finger Exercises

Lesson 13 – Using the TABS and Notes on strings 1, 2, 3 &4 to play Yankee Doodle

String Skills for the 5th & 6th String Skills

Lesson 14 – Reading the TABS and Playing the Notes

Lesson 15 – 5th and 6th string Finger Exercises

Lesson 16 – Using the TABS and Notes on All Strings to The Star Spangled Banner

Tips and Tricks for Playing Guitar BETTER than the other Guys

Lesson 17 – Basic Street-Smart Strumming Techniques

Lesson 18 – How to Read Chord Diagrams

Lesson 19 – Tips & Tricks for Playing Chords Better

PHASE 2 – Street-Smart  Chord, Strumming, and Song Skills

This second phase is the meat of the series. This is where you start learning, practicing and applying “StreetSmart™” guitar skills!

Your First Two Chords… Em and A

Lesson 20 – Why the Em and A are the best chords to learn first

Lesson 21 – The BEST ways to play Em

Lesson 22 – The BEST way to play A

Lesson 23 – Tips for Changing between Em and A

Basic Strumming Techniques

Lesson 24 – Strumming Exercises to use with ALL chords

The E Chord

Lesson 25 – The BEST way to play E

Lesson 26 – Tips for Changing between E and A

Using E and A to Play Songs

Lesson 27 – For What it’s Worth

Lesson 28 – Tulsa Time

The C, Am, and Bm Chords

Lesson 29 – The BEST ways to play C

Lesson 30 – The BEST way to play Am

Lesson 31 – The BEST ways to play Bm

Lesson 32 – Tips for Changing between C and Am

Using Em, Am, Bm and C to play a song

Lesson 33 – Using Em, Am, Bm, and C to play They’ll Know We Are Christian

The G and D Chords

Lesson 34 – The BEST ways to play G

Lesson 35- The BEST ways to play D

Lesson 36 – Tips for Changing between G and D

Lesson 37 – Using G and D to play The Old Chisholm Trail

Using G, D, and C Progressions to Play Songs

Lesson 38 – Sweet Home Alabama

Lesson 39 – Werewolves in London

Lesson 40 – Bad Moon Rising

The G7 Chord

Lesson 41 – The BEST ways to play G7

Lesson 42 – Tips for Changing Between C and G7

Using C and G7 to Play Songs

Lesson 43 – Jingle Bells

Lesson 44 – Yankee Doodle

The D7 Chord

Lesson 45 – The BEST way to play D7

Lesson 46 – Using C, G, G7 and D7 to play I’ll Fly Away

Lesson 47 – Using G, C and D7 to play This Littel Light of Mine

Lesson 48 – Using G, D, D7 and C to play Down by the Riverside

The B7  Chord

Lesson 49 – The BEST way to play B7

Lesson 50 – Practicing the G, D7, C, B7, Em, and Am chords

Using G, C, and D7 to Play a Songs

Lesson 51 – When the Saints Go Marchin’ In

Lesson 52 – Crawdad Hole Song

The E7 and A7 Chords

Lesson 53 – The BEST ways to play E7

Lesson 54 – The BEST way to play A7

Lesson 55 – Tips for Changing between E7 and A7

Lesson 56 – Using A, D, E7 and B7 to play Over the River and Through the Woods

Lesson 57 – Using G, D and A7 to play Camp Town Races

The Dm Chord

Lesson 58 – Tips for playing Dm clearly

Using G, D, G7 and C to play a Song

Lesson 59 – Red River Valley

The G7 Chord

Lesson 60 – Tips for Changing between C and G7

Open Chord Exercises in C

Lesson 61 – Practicing the C, G7, Am, E, and Dm chords

Learn to Play a Song

Lesson 62 – Yankee Doodle (C, G7)

The B7 chord

Lesson 63 – Tips for playing B7 clearly

Open Chord Exercise in D

Lesson 64 – Practicing the D, C7, A, A7, Em, B7, Dm, and Am chords

Learn to play a Song

Lesson 65 – Morning Has Broken

Learn to play a Song

Lesson 66 – America the Beautiful

Open Chord Exercises in G

Lesson 67 – Practicing the G, D7, C, B7, Em, and Am chords

Lesson 68 – Practicing the G, Am, Am7, C, D, D7, Dsus, Em and Em7 chords

Open Minor 7th Chords

Lesson 69 – Am7, Dm7, Em7

Lesson 70 – Changing between Minor 7th Chords

Open Suspended Chords

Lesson 71 – Asus, Dsus, Esus

Open Major, Minor and 7th Chords Exercise

Lesson 72 – C, Cmaj, Am, Am7, Dm, Dm7, G, G7, Em, and Em7

Open Chords Exercise in Key of D

Lesson 73 – Practicing the D, D7, Em, Em7, G, G7, A, A7 and Asus chords

Learn to Play a Song

Lesson 74 – Scarborough Fair

The Dreaded F Chord

Lesson 75 – The BEST ways to play F

Lesson 76 – Using C, G7, and F to play When the Saints Go Marchin’ In

Phase 3 – Street-Smart Arpeggio Riffs

Here in Phase 3 you’ll learn how to play chords using a few basic Arpeggio picking patterns.

Basic Arpeggio Picking Patterns

Lesson 77 – Arpeggio Picking Pattern #1

Lesson 78 – Arpeggio Picking Pattern #2

Lesson 79 – Arpeggio Picking Pattern #3