A totally awesome beginner series for anyone who has never even held a guitar before, and those coming back after being away for a while.

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– Gaylerd –


My BEGINNER Guitar Learning Series


Street-Smart Guitar Lessons for both Absolute  beginners and those returning after a long winters nap!

Is your dream  to become the guitar player other guys wanna be?


Then don’t be mislead into thinking all you need to do to impress your friends is learn a few chords and play a couple of cover songs! That kind of guitar playing won’t impress anyone. You need a solid guitar foundation to build WOW!Factor” chord skills on. And that’s what you get with my “AdventureGUITAR™ – Beginner Guitar Learning Series”.

AdventureGUITAR is NOT a typical guitar course! It’s a GUITAR LEARNING ADVENTURE! This series is all about teaching beginners and returning players how to develop killer fretboard and chord skills! 

Stop taking lessons and start learning how to put your emotions into the chords of every song you play! 

This series is designed to teach any one at any age how to become the guitar player other guys “wanna be“.

You’ll learn the “WOW!Factor” acoustic guitar skills most guitarists don’t even know!

Best of all, these are the same lessons I would teach you if you were taking private one-on-one lessons from me.

So relax and get ready to have fun learning how to play guitar! You’ll enjoy the adventure!


What makes AdventureGUITAR™ Different?


The teacher… Gaylerd


Emphasis on Playing Chords Crisp and Clear

Bite-sized, easy to follow lessons


A guided step-by-step learning approach!

LEVEL 1 – Guitar FUNdamentals

Phase 1 is for the ABSOLUTE Beginners who have never even held a guitar before!

You’re journey begins right here on STEP 1. This is where you will learn the raw, basic guitar fundamentals. With this rock-solid foundation, you’ll be able to start building the street-smart guitar skills you need to play songs better than the other guys.

STEP 1 – Basic Guitar FUNdamentals

Lesson 101 – Learning the Parts of a Guitar

Lesson 102 –  The BEST WAY to hold  your guitar

Lesson 103 – How to Hold your pick like Gaylerd

Lesson 104 – How to Tune your Guitar

Lesson 105 – How to Read a Chord Diagram

STEP 2 – Fretboard and String Skills

Lesson 201 – The Fretboard

Lesson 202 – The Names and Numbers of the Strings

Lesson 203 – How to Practice

LEVEL 2 – Learning to Play Chords Crisp and Clear

This second phase is where you learn to pick the strings and strum the chords.

STEP 3 – The UPS and DOWNS of Picking and Strumming

Lesson 301 – Using  “DOWN Strokes” to Play Notes

Lesson 302 – Alternating  Down/Up Picking to Play Notes

STEP 4 – Using TABS to Play Melodies

Lesson 401 – How to Read TABS

Lesson 402 – Using TABS to play the notes for “Jingle Bells”

Lesson 403 – Using TABS to play the notes for “Yankee Doodle”

Lesson 404 – Using TABS to play the notes for “The Star Spangled Banner”

STEP 5 –  Your First Two-Finger Chords: Em and Asus2

Lesson 501 – Six Tips and Tricks for Playing Chords Better

Lesson 502 – The BEST WAY to Play Em

Lesson 503 – Down Picking in Em

Lesson 504  –  Up Picking and Strumming in Em

Lesson 505  – String Skipping in Em

Lesson506 –  Three Down Stumming Techniques in Em

Lesson 507 –  The BEST WAY to Play Asus2

Lesson 508 – String SKipping in Asus2

Lesson 509 – Tips for Changing Betweeen Em and Asus2

Lesson 510 – SONG:  “Horse with No Name”   using Em and Asus

STEP 6 –  Your First Three-Finger Cords: E and A 

Lesson 601 – Finger Stretching Excersies for Playng Chords Better  Am9 – Cmaj9 – Emaj9

Lesson 602 – The BEST WAY to play E

Lesson 603 – String Skipping in E

Lesson 604 –  Three Down/Up Stumming Techniques in E

Lesson 605 –  The BEST WAY to Play A

Lesson 606 – Tips for Changing Betweeen E and A

STEP 7 – More Songs Using E and A

Lesson 701 – SONG:  “Achy Breaky Heart”

Lesson 702 – SONG: “For What It’s Worth”

Lesson 703- SONG: “Elanor Rigby”

Lesson 704 – Songs:  “Tulsa Time”Lesson 607 – SONG:  “Achy Breaky Heart”

LEVEL 3 – More Chords and Songs

In ths phase, you’ll learn how to play chords and how to play and change between them in songs.

STEP 8 – Three More Easy Chords    D – C – G

Lesson 801 – The BEST WAYS to play D  (Using three and four fingers)

Lesson 802 – The BEST WAYS to play C    (Using three and four fingers)

Lesson 803 – Tips and Tricks for Changing between   D and C

Lesson 804 – The BEST WAYS to play G    (Using three and four fingers) 

Lesson 805 –  Tips and Tricks for Changing between  D, C,  and G

STEP 9 – Playing Songs Using D – C – G

Lesson 901 – “Tulsa Time”     D  C  G

Lesson 902 – “Sweet Home Alabama”     D  C  G


STEP 10 – Two Open Suspended Chords     Dsus and Esus

Lesson 1001 – The Dsus

Lesson 1002 – The Esus


STEP 11 –  The  Am – Bm – Dm

Lesson 1101 –  The Am

Lesson 1102 – The Bm

Lesson 1103 – The Dm

STEP 12 – The  Am7 – Dm7 – Em7

Lesson 1201 –  The Am7

Lesson 1202 – The Dm7

Lesson 1203 – The Em

STEP 13 – The  B7 – C7 – D7 – E7 – G7

Lesson 1301 –  The B7

Lesson 1302 –  The C7

Lesson 1303 – The D7

Lesson 1304 – The E7

Lesson 1305- The G7

STEP 14- Playing Two-Chord Songs using G and D7

Lesson 1401 – SONG:  “Jingle Bells”

Lesson 1402 – SONG:  “Born in the USA4

STEP 15- Playing Three-Chord Songs Using G – C – D7

Lesson 1501 – SONG: “Here I am to Worship

Lesson 1502 – SONG: “Wild Thing”

Lesson 1503 – SONG:  “The Crawdad Hole Song”


STEP 16- Playing Four-Chord Songs

Lesson 1601 – SONG:  “Down By the Riverside”     G, D, D7, C

Lesson 1602- SONG: “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”


Lesson 1603 – SONG: “Werewolves of London”

Lesson 1604 – SONG:  “Bad Moon Risin'”

Lesson 1605 – SONG:  “Jingle Bells”

Lesson 1606 – SONG:  “Yankee Doodle”

Lesson 1607 – SONG: “Over the River and Through the Woods”

Lesson 1608- SONG: “This Little Light of Mine”

Lesson 1609- SONG: “I’ll Fly Away”

Lesson 1610- SONG: “Camp Town Races”

Lesson 1610- SONG:  “Red River Valley”


STEP 17 – Your First Barr Chords    F – Bb – B – Bm

Lesson 1701 –  The “F” barr chord

Lesson 1702 – The “Bb” (B flat) barr chord

Lesson 1703 – The “B” barr chord

Lesson 1704 – The Bm barr Chord7

STEP 18 – Playing a Three Chord Song with F

Lesson 1801- SONG:   “When the Saints, Go Marching In”     C – G7 – Fh


STEP 19 – Playing a Four Chord Song with F

Lesson 1901- SONG:   “Sweet Home Alabam” with F   D-C-G and F

STEP 20 – Challenging Songs 

Lesson 2001 – SONG:  “Scarborough Fair”

Lesson 2002 – SONG:  “Morning Has Broken”

Lesson 2003 – SONG:  “America the Beautiful