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Next-Level GUITAR



The 30-Day “Next-Level GUITAR” Challenge is the  S A T Prep Course for the BIG DAWG Guitar Series. It’s  designed to inspire and give confidence to ambitious guitarists who want to start becoming the guitar player other guys wanna be! So jump-start your guitar playing with the “MUST HAVE” fretboard and chord skills you need to play BIG DAWG Guitar.



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Heres What You’ll Learn in “Next Level Guitar“.

  • Basic Skills: In this section, you’ll develop your BIG DAWG fundamentals
    • NLG 1: Using Your Pick like a BIG DAWG
    • NLG 2: BIG DAWG Finger Stretching Warm-up Exercise
    • NLG 3: BIG DAWG Finger Exercise Spider Walk #1
    • NLG 4: BIG DAWG Finger Exercise Spider Walk #2
    • NLG 5: Tips for Forming and Changing BIG DAWG  Chords
    • NLG 6Tips for Playing  BIG DAWG Chords Crisp, Clean and Clear
    • NLG 7: 16 MUST KNOW BIG DAWG Chord Shapes
    • NLG 8: BIG DAWG G Accent Strumming Skills
    • NLG 9: Using Hammer-Ons Like a BIG DAWG
    • NLG 10: Using Pull-Offs and Bends Like a BIG DAWG  (under construction)
    • NLG 11: How to Read BIG DAWG TABS
    • NLG 12: Basic BIG DAWG Riffs, Runs, Fills and Fretboard Skills
  • Intermediate Skills: These four tutorials will take your guitar skills up a notch.
    • NLG 13: Basic Finger Skills Part 1
    • NLG 14: Basic Finger Skills Part 2
    • NLG 15: Riffs & Fills for the Em chord
    • NLG 16: The NOTES for Creating Smooth Transitions Between Chords from E minor
    • BNLG 17: BIG DAWG Riffs & Fills for the Am chord
    • NLG 18: The NOTES for Creating Smooth Transitions Between Chords from A minor
  • BIG DAWG Challenges:  Now it’s time to find out if you’re ready to take on the BIG DAWG!
    • NLG Challenge 1: The 30 Second Riffs Challenge
    • NLG Challenge 2: The Accent Strumming Challenge
    • NLG Challenge 3: The Easy BIG DAWG Song Challenge


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5 Reasons to TAKE “The 30-Day Challenge”

  1. IT’S FOCUSED ON RESULTS – Each activity helps develop a skill you’ll need for the Big Dawg Guitar series.
  2. IT’S FUN AND COMPREHENSIVE – Each lesson is created with the purpose and intention of keeping the student excited and wanting to learn more!
  3. IT’S AFFORDABLEYou can get a 30 Day Challenge membership for about the price of a single one-on-one Lesson. The average price for one-on-one, cookie-cutter guitar lessons range from $20 to $75 per hour. Plus, you are NOT simply purchasing “guitar lessons”, you are investing your money in “results”.
  4. IT’S SELF-PACED – You can keep practicing the skills you learn until you are ready for the BIG DAWG Guitar Series. 
  5. IT’S EASY TO GET STARTED – Just click here!