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The More BIG DAWG Guitar Skills You Have, The Less You Have to Talk About Them. You’re Playing Will Say It For You!

If you have always wanted to impress your friends with your guitar playing, or play on stage in front of a live audience, then the progressively challenging lessons, skill building exercises and song challenges in this series are prefect for you!


Learn to Blend Melodic, Harmonious Riffs and Chords Together so you almost sound like Two Guitars Playing at the Same Time.

This series is jam-packed with over 85 fun, challenging lessons designed to teach every level guitar players how to create smooth flowing melodious fills and transitions in the most common chords played on the first 5 frets.

You’ll have a BLAST transforming your basic fretboard and chord knowledge into flashy, rock-star acoustic guitar skills.


Guitar Lessons for Those Who Don’t Sing!

You don’t even have to sing when you can play the guitar like a BIG DAWG! Because once you learn how to control the Fretboard with melodic, harmonious riffs, fills and harmonious chord progressions, your guitar playing will sing for you!

– Gaylerd


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