ARPEGGIO Chords & Riffs
The Hot Sauce in Acoustic Guitar

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FREE LESSON #1:  Acoustic Arpeggios Skills in “Am”


FREE LESSON #2: Five Riffs to Use as Transitions in “Am”


FREE LESSON #3: Five Arpeggio Riffs to Change from G to C


Arpeggios are the notes in a CHORD or a RIFF, played one note at time by letting the notes ring out instead of strumming them all together. And they can be played in ANY random order.

Fretboard Notes are the musical DNA of a chord. These are the notes on the lower register of the fretboard that you use to create spicy, melodic and cool sounding riffs, fills and transitions to blend in with chords. And each chord has its own set of Fretboard Notes that will always sound great with the chord… no matter what order you play them in the riff!

Here’s a summary of what you can expect to learn from this series:

  • The 16 Basic Notes Used to Create Acoustic Riffs, Fills & Chord Transitions
  • How to Use Multiple Fingers to Play Riffs & Fills
  • The Fretboard Notes for 10 of the Most Common Chords
  • 40 Colorful Licks to Use as Chord Fills
  • 20 Cool, Harmonious Chord Transitions
  • 20 Blended Melodic Riffs to Use with Chords
  • The Most Common Chords to Use in Each Key
  • 2 Arpeggio Patterns to Use in 10 of the Most Common Chords (20 total patterns)


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If you are already able to play arpeggios like the ones in the free lesson, you may want to click here to check out my library of intermediate level lessons in “The BIG DAWG Guitar” program.