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The BIG DAWG Guitar

Learn to Blend Melodic, Harmonious Riffs and Chords Together so you almost sound like Two Guitar Playing at the Same Time.

This series is jam-packed with tons of fun, challenging acoustic guitar lessons designed to teach you how to transform basic fretboard and chord knowledge into flashy, rock-star guitar skills.

You’ll have a BLAST learning to create smooth flowing, melodious fills and transitions for the most common chords.

  • You’ll begin the course by honing the basic skills you need for this awesome journey.
  • After that, you’ll take your playing up a notch learning to use Fretboard Notes to create riffs and transitions for each of the chords.
  • And then, in the final lessons of your journey, you’ll bring all your new skills together to create CHALLENGING riffs, fills and harmonious chord progressions.

So get your pick, grab your guitar, and start learning for FREE today!


FREE LESSON #1: MUST KNOW Basic Skills in Em

FREE LESSON #2: 4 Easy Chord Progressions in Em

FREE LESSON #3: The BEST Fretboard Notes to create Fills & Transitions in Em

FREE LESSON #4: Five EASY Riff Fills & Transitions in Em

FREE LESSON #5: 5 Cool Riffs to Use as Transitions from G to C



FREE LESSON #6: Using your “WOW!F actor” Skills in a Song – “MAGIC CARPET RIDE”
In this lesson, you’ll use all the BIG DAWG skills you’ve learned to                                                                                          create “WOW!Factor™” in a song.



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