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LOGIN  and LEARN™ is  GaylerdGUITAR’s ™ unique UNLIMITED LEARNING feature that allows members to simply LOGIN and LEARN as many songs from the SHOWCASE Library as they like… On-Demand!. That’s Right! Your membership enables you to stream and learn an entire library of Classic Rock and Country songs so you can actually build your complete personal song repertoire.

So get a SHOWCASE Membership today and start becoming the guitar player other guys talk about when they say things like…Man, I wanna play like him!”. 




All the videos are professionally filmed using HD cameras in my home studio and edited to include many on-screen graphics like chord diagramsreal-time riff tabssplit-screens, and multiple camera angles. All designed to help you learn to play the songs better. And you can be sure that regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, or enjoy classic rock or country, these lessons will you how to become the guitar player other guys “wanna be”!  And to let you know what’s in store for you in the SHOWCASE LIBRARY, here’s a FREE taste!

This classic hit from Garth Brooks needs to be in your personal set repertoire. Learn how to harness Gaylerd’s “WOW!Factor” with this SHOWCASE LIBRARY masterpiece and then blow your audiences away with your new guitar skills! Don’t let Gaylerd’s guitar work worry you. That’s the “WOW!Factor”™. This is really an easy song to learn. Even beginners can pick it up pretty quickly. Because Gaylerd will show you how to play it chord-by-chord, note-by-note, just like he plays it! You may need to practice it a few times, but but after that, voila! You’ll be ready for an acoustic jam with your friends, or to showoff your magic at your next gig! And if this one is not quite enough,  Click here to enjoy a few more FREE Tutorials.




Button to the e-StoreSometimes you just need to learn one song for a wedding, birthday party, or some other Company event. No Problem. Because now you can go to the GaylerdGUITAR™ e-STORE and download any tutorial in the SHOWCASE LIBRARY and keep it for life. And you can pretty much pay-me-what-you-want! Well, there is a minimum fee that’s just enough to cover a cup of coffee and a roll!




button to send a Request-a-tutorial formLearning songs from sheet music or tabs can be challenging and difficult. So if the song you want to learn is not listed in the library, just send me a Request-a-Tutorial. I‘ll listen to it to see if I can create a step-by-step, chord-by-chord lesson for you. If I can, I’ll do it and them put it in the e-STORE for you to download. Click here to learn how it works.



Don’t forget to get the Chord Charts to your favorite songs! Chord charts can be very helpful when you are tying to learn a song. That is, if the chords are placed over the words correctly. These are the chord charts I created for myself when I learned the songs to perform in public. So I tried to be as accurate as possible. So if you would like the chord chart to any song in Showcase Library, just let me know and I’ll put it in the e-STORE and you can download it from there.

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It’s what you get!  The most obvious difference with GaylerdGUITAR™ is what YOU get when you join! Instead of downloading a single lesson, you access an entire LIBRARY of streamed song tutorials so you can learn as many songs as you like… ON-DEMAND!  That way, you really can start becoming the guitar player other guys “wanna be”! 

It’s his Teaching Style! Another big difference is the teaching style! Gaylerd does more than just show you how to play chords. He’ll teach you step-by-step how to put his signature “WOW!Factor”™ into the songs. Plus, Gaylerd’s warm friendly approach makes you feel as if you are learning the songs right there in the studio.

It’s the Tutorials! One more HUGE ADVANTAGE for you is in the tutorial itself. Each video lesson includes some really cool and helpful learning features that many other teachers just don’t take time to edit in. Features like on screen Chord Diagrams, real-time riff tabs, and other helpful on-screen tips. Gaylerd’s tutorials  will teach you how to do a whole lot more than just play a few riffs and strum a few chords on your acoustic guitar. They’ll teach how to put “WOW!Factor“™ into the songs!

It’s the Experience! The Bottom line is thisYou’ll learn to play songs better and enjoy the entire guitar learning experience more because GaylerdGUITAR™ is almost like having your own personal guitar coach on call 24/7.



Let’s face it! The main reason we learn to play guitar in the first place is becuase we want to be the center of attention in a crowd. We want to hear the audience shout and applaud as we show off our extreme acoustic guitar playing skills. But the problem is, most guitar players don’t stand out in a crowd. And that’s because they play songs the same way as just about every other guitarist does. Here on GaylerdGUITAR™, you’ll learn how to put “WOW!Factor“™ into the songs you play.

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Hey, wanna hear for yourself how “WOW!Factor”™ extreme acoustic guitar playing can set your guitar playing apart for other guys?  Here’s a clip from one or my bands live performances covering Billy Joe’s great classic, “Movin’ Out!” Now remember, what you are hearing is ONE guitar, a Drummer, and a vocalist!

THAT’s “WOW!Factor“™

So what are you waiting for? Get a SHOWCASE Membership today and start becoming the guitar player other guys “wanna be”!