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If you’re more than a beginner but less than an intermediate level guitar player (a “tweener“), or in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even more and want to start playing guitar again, then my NEXT LEVEL Guitar program is for you. This series will teach you how to how to use riffs and fills to make smooth transitions between chords, and how to bring those chords to life with base runs and accent strumming!



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What is an “EARLY RELEASE” membership?                                   An Early Release membership is a super discounted membership plan that provides access to the completed lessons in either the NEXT LEVEL or BIG DAWG Guitar series. Each lesson that is ready and available will be highlighted in blue on the series library page and referred to as a Blue Letter Lesson.  Creating these Early Release Membership Plans allows enthusiastic and energetic guitar players the opportunity to start learning from either the NEXT LEVEL or BIG DAWG Guitar program today as the series is being completed! And don’t worry! There are already plenty of lessons to keep you busy learning while I finish up the series.  For more information about Early Release memberships, click here  to read the full definition in “TERMS OF — USE“.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Intermediate level acoustic guitar strategies
  • Rock-Star Fretboard and Chord Skills
  • Sixteen MUST KNOW Basic Chords for playing “WOW!Factor”™ guitar.
  • Accent Strumming techniques to set you apart from average everyday guitar players.
  • The Fretboard notes used to create Riffs, Fills and Transitions with open chords.
  • How to play songs better.


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NAVIGATING TO THE LESSONS                                                                                                                                                                    The tutorials highlighted in blue are the completed “Blue Letter Lessons” which are available in the “Early Release” memberships (see definition of “Early Release” in “TERMS OF — USE“) . One last thing, it’s best to view these tutorials using CHROME as your browser.

Resource ToolBox                                                                                                          The Resource Toolbox is filled with some basic “how-to” refresher tutorials, just in case you need to get hydrated along your guitar journey.

  • NL ToolBox Resource 1: Finger Stretching Warm-up Exercise
  • NL ToolBox Resource 2: Finger Exercise Spider Walk #1
  • NL ToolBox Resource 3: Finger Exercise Spider Walk #2
  • NL ToolBox Resource  4How to Read TABS ( Just the Basics) 
  • NL ToolBox Resource 5: The Secrets to Accent Strumming


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 1 – Basic Next Level Guitar Skills

      • NL 101: Using Your Pick like a BIG DAWG Guitar Player
      • NL 102: Using Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs Like a Big Dawg
      • NL 103: Using Bends on Acoustic Guitar


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 2 Basic Chord Skills

      • NL 201: The 16 MUST KNOW NEXT LEVEL Chord Shapes
      • NL 202: Ideas for ACCENT STRUMMING 
      • NL 203: Tips for Forming and Changing EVERY Chord Part 1
      • NL 204: Tips for Forming and Changing EVERY Chord – Part 2


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 3 Basic Fretboard Skills

      • NL 301: The 16 Basic Notes Used for Riffs, Runs, Fills & Transitions
      • NL 302: Basic Finger Skills Part 1
      • NL 303: Basic Finger Skills Part 2
      • NL 304: FIVE Tips for Creating “WOW!Factor” Riffs, Fills & Transitions
      • NL 305: 4 MUST KNOW Arpeggio Picking Patters
      • NL 306: The 30 Second Riff Challenge


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 4 Next Level “Em” Skills 

        • NL 401: Chords in the Key of “Em”
        • NL 402: How to Create “WOW!Factor”™ Riffs in “Em”
        • NL 403: FIVE WOW!Factor”™  Riffs in Em
        • NL 404: FIVE Cool Riffs to Use to Change from Em to C
        • NL 405: Weaving Fretboard Notes into WOW!Factor”™  Riffs in Em
        • NL 406: Using Accent Strumming to Change Chords in “Em”
        • NL 407: Backtracking Practice in “Em”


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 5 Next Level “Am” Skills

        • NL 501: NL 501: Chords in the Key of “Am”
        • NL 502: How to Create “WOW!Factor”™ Riffs in “Am”
        • NL 503: FIVE WOW!Factor”™  Riffs in “Am”
        • NL 504: FIVE Cool Riffs for Changing from Am to G
        • NL 505: FOUR cool Riffs for Changing from Am to G Em Dm
        • NL 506: THREE Ideas for Seasoning Your Chords in Am
        • NL 507: Weaving Fretboard Notes into WOW!Factor”™
        • NL 508: The One Minute Accent Strumming Challenge
        • NL 509: Backtracking in “Am”


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 6– Next Level  “C” Skills

        • NL 601: Chords in the Key of “C”
        • NL 602: How to Create “WOW!Factor”™ Riffs in C”
        • NL 603: FIVE WOW!Factor”™  Riffs  in “C”
        • NL 604: FIVE Cool Riffs to Use to Change from C to D
        • NL 605: FIVE Cool Riffs to Use to Change from C to F   RECENTLY ADDED!
        • NL 605: Backtracking Practice in “C”
        • NL 605: Backtracking in “Em-Am-C”
        • NL 606: Arpeggio Practice: “House of the Rising Sun”


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 7 The 5 Places to Create “WOW!Factor” in a Song

        • NL 701: The Intro
        • NL 702: The  Verse
        • NL 703: The Bridge
        • NL 704: The Chorus
        • NL 705: The Ending
        • NL 706: Song Challenge #1 – “Happy Birthday”
        • NL 707: Song Challenge #2 – “They’ll Know We Are Christians”


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 8 Next Level “G” Skills

        • NL 801: Chords in the Key of “G”
        • NL 802: How to Create “WOW!Factor”™ Riffs in G”
        • NL 803: FIVE WOW!Factor”™  Riffs in “G
        • NL 804: FIVE Cool Riffs to Use to Change from  G to C   RECENTLY ADDED!
        • NL 805: Backtracking Practice in “G”
        • NL 806: Backtracking Practice in “G-D-Em-C”
        • NL 807: The 4-Chord (G-Em-Am-C) Accent Strumming Challenge


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 9 Next Level “D” Skills

        • NL 901: Chords in the Key of “D”
        • NL 902: How to Create “WOW!Factor”™ Riffs in “D”
        • NL 902: FIVE WOW!Factor”™  Riffs in “D”
        • NL 903: FIVE Cool Riffs to Use to Change from D to G  RECENTLY ADDED!
        • NL 904: Backtracking Practice in “D”
        • NL 905: Backtracking Practice in “G-D-Em-C”


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 10 Next Level “A” Skills

        • NL 1001: Chords in the Key of “A”
        • NL 1002: How to Create “WOW!Factor”™ Riffs in “A”
        • NL 1003: FIVE “WOW!Factor” Riffs in “A”
        • NL 1004: 5 Cool Riffs to Use to Change from  “A” to D
        • NL 1004: NEXT LEVEL Song Challenge #3 in D-A-G


***** Below are the SILL SETS that are currently Planned for the course but subject to Change.


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 11 Next Level “E” Skills

        • NL 1101: Chords in the Key of “E”
        • NL 1102: How to Create “WOW!Factor”™ Riffs in “E”
        • NL 1103: FIVE Cool Riffs to Use to Change from  “E” to A
        • NL 1104: Backtracking Practice in “E”


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 12 Next Level “F” Skills  F

        • NL 1101: Chords in the Key of “F”
        • NL 1102: 
        • NL 1103: 
        • NL 1104:


Difficulty Level

Skill Set 13  Next Level “Bm” Skills

        • NL 1301: Chords in the Key of Bm



Difficulty Level

Skill Set 14  Song Challenge

        • NL 1400: Your Song Challenge #4






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