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What is a “Hall-PASS“?

A “Hall-PASS” is my all-access subscription service that provides up to a full-year of on-demand access to both my BIG DAWG Series* and SHOWCASE Song Tutorials Library.


IMAGINE THE LEARNING POWER of having a Hall-PASS that grants you FULL unlimited access to:

  • The  SHOWCASE Song Tutorials Library
  • The  BIG DAWG Guitar Library * (see NOTE below) 
  • EVERY Discount and Deal in the Red Carpet Room
  • PLUS... Priority eMail Support
  • PLUS... a Song Tutorial created of your favorite song with a Hall-Pass 12

*NOTE: The Big Dawg Guitar Series is NOT expected to be released until summer 2018. However, as the lessons for the BIG DAWG Library are being developed, I’ll occasionally post a few “soft-release” (see definition in TERMS OF USE) lessons and make them available for SHOWCASE Hall-PASS 12 Members to enjoy as they learn learn Songs from the SHOWCASE Library. Those “soft-release” lessons will be  highlighted it in blue on the BIG DAWG Library page where SHOWCASE Hall-PASS 12 Members will have access to them even BEFORE the series is released for general membership. – Gaylerd

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