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What is a “Hall-PASS“?

A “Hall-PASS” is my all-access subscription service that provides on-demand admittance to every learning resource on my website. Imagine the learning power in having FULL-UNLIMITED ACCESS to every beginner guitar lesson, every “WOW!Factor”™ song tutorial, and every exclusive members only DISCOUNT and SPECIAL OFFER on GaylerdGUITAR™ on-demand! What better way to start becoming the guitar player other guys “wanna be”! 


What do I get with a Hall-PASS?

  • Unlimited Access to EVERY “WOW!Factor”™ Song Tutorial
  • Unlimited Access to EVERY  Beginner Guitar Lesson
  • Unlimited Access to EVERY “Members Only” learning tool
  • A Song Tutorial created for your favorite song (12 month plan only)


Get a “Hall-PASS” to GaylerdGUITAR and start becoming the guitar player other guys “wanna be”!