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“I thought I would let you hear what “WOW!Factor”™ sounds like in an actual cover with just one guitar, drums, and a singer. The drummer is Dave N. and the guy singing is Stephen B., the other members of my band “Acoustic Shade”. Stephen and Dave are not just a great guys and a wonderful friends, they are  both is a tremendous musicians. Stephen sounds a lot like James Taylor himself and I thought you might enjoy listening to ta couple of our covers.  Actually, if the truth were told, I’m hoping it inspires you to get a Showcase Membership plan too! Now I’ve told the truth! Haha. Hope you enjoy it!” – Gaylerd


Going to Carolina in My Mind – by James Taylor – Covered by my band Acoustic Shade at a private party

It’s Still Rock-n-Roll to Me – by Billy Joel – Covered by my band Acoustic Shade at Fresco’s



It’s what you get!  The most obvious difference with GaylerdGUITAR™ is what YOU get when you join! Instead of downloading a single song tutorial, GaylerdGUITAR™  offers ON-DEMAND access to an entire LIBRARY of video-based song tutorials. That way, you can learn as many songs as you like! And since all of the lessons are STREAMED online, you can access and learn from anywhere, any time you like!

It’s his Teaching Style! Another big difference is the teaching style! Gaylerd does more than just show you how to play chords. He’ll teach you step-by-step how to put his signature “WOW!Factor”™ into the songs. Plus, Gaylerd’s warm friendly approach makes you feel as if you are learning the songs right there in the studio.

It’s the Tutorials! One more HUGE ADVANTAGE for you is in the tutorial itself. Each video lesson includes some really cool and helpful learning features that many other teachers just don’t take time to edit in. Features like on screen Chord Diagrams, real-time riff tabs, and other helpful on-screen tips. Gaylerd’s tutorials  will teach you how to do a whole lot more than just play a few riffs and strum a few chords on your acoustic guitar. They’ll teach how to put “WOW!Factor“™ into the songs!

It’s the Experience! The Bottom line is thisYou’ll learn songs faster and enjoy the entire guitar learning experience more because GaylerdGUITAR™  is almost like having your own personal guitar coach on call 24/7.


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