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NOTE: The BIG DAWG Acoustic Guitar Series is NOT for beginners. It’s made up of progressively challenging LESSONS, SKILL BUILDING EXERCISES (called “Talent Builders”), and SONG TUTORIALS. Students learn Big Dawg guitar skills during “Lessons”, practice those skills in “Talent Builders”, and then apply the skills in “Song Tutorials”. I have provided the below FREE TUTORIALS to give you a little taste of what you can expect from the BIG DAWG Acoustic Guitar Series. I will appreciate you if you will let me know what you think! Click here to leave a comment.


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I want to teach you how to take your acoustic guitar playing over the top, but I don’t want you to sign up if it’s a bit more advanced than you might be ready for today. Remember, I’m going to be showing you how to add riffs, fills, and slides to the open chords. And so while you don’t have to be a guitar guru to get through the series, you will need to be able to make smooth, quick transitions between chords and play clean notes on the fretboard. So watch the below videos from the BIG DAWG Guitar Series for FREE to see if you think you’re ready. And if you’re not quite at this level, but close… you may want to sign up for the “30-Day Trial Membership”. That way, you can focus on learning the foundational skills you’ll need for playing BIG DAWG acoustic Guitar and be prepared for the course. So check them out, and I HOPE to see you, in the videos! – Gaylerd


FREE  Talent Builder 101 – The 8 Second Chord Challenge

FREE  Talent Builder 104 – The 30 Second Barre Chord Challenge


FREE  Talent Builder 201 – 15 in 30 Chord Challenge Em, Am, Em


FREE  Talent Builder 202 – The 1 Minute Riff Challenge Em, Am