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Start your guitar playing journey with my fun, exciting, easy-peazy Beginner Guitar lessons series, “Starting from Scratch”. Even if you have never even held a guitar before, the ON DEMAND instructional videos in this series will help you build the solid, Rock-Star foundation you need to become the guitar player other guys “wanna be“! 


Learn to Play from the Ground Up

Over 75 cut-to-the-chase, fun and easy-to-follow instructional videos with chord diagrams, tabs and other on-screen graphics to help you learn to play better and faster…from the ground up! We’ll start with the basics and go all the way through to playing some cool beginner songs! You’ll even learn some basic scales! LEARNING GUITAR ONLINE HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY-PEAZY!

Lesson Format

No stuffy atmosphere or intimidating teachers! And NO DOWNLOADING is required. These subscription based lessons are streamed so you can watch the videos in real-time. That means you can learn to play from anywhere, at anytime, wearing anything you want to! All you need is a good, reliable internet connection and a screen.


1 Month (30 Days)         $24.95 per month,

6 Months (180 Days)   – $69.95 semi-annuallyON SALE  $49.95 LIMITED TIME

12 Months (365 Days) –  $99.00.  ON SALE  $69.95 LIMITED TIME


What’s in the Library

Below is a summary of the online guitar lessons included in this course.  But first, here’s a little legal mumbo-jumbo. Please be aware that because I may update the “Starting from Scratch” series without notice, the below list may or may not represent the same videos that are in the library at the time you purchase a membership. But you can always get the current series FREE  for 30 days to try it out before you purchase a membership.  There ya go!    Click here for a few FREE Lessons!

1. Guitar 101: Foundation (FUN-damentals)

  1. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Introduction to “Starting from Scratch”
  3. Buyi ng Your First Guitar
  4. The Parts of the Guitar
  5. 6 Tips for Holding Your Guitar Better
  6. How to Use a Pick for Playing “WOW!Factor” Guitar
  7. How to Use a Capo
  8. The Names and Numbers of the Strings
  9. How to Tune Your Guitar
  10. How and What to Practice
  11. Major Mistakes NEW Guitar Players Make

2. Guitar 201 – Framework (Frets, Strings, Hands, and Fingers)

  1. Your Fingers – Their Names and Numbers
  2. Warm-up: Finger Stretching Exercise
  3. Right Hand – Picking and Strumming Basics
  4. Left Hand – Using Your Fingers on the Frets Like Gaylerd
  5. How to Read Chord Diagrams
  6. How to Read  Tabs (The Basics)
  7. 9 Tips for Playing Chords Better
  8. Three Easy 1 Finger Chords – G, C and Em
  9. Finger Exercises – Spider Walk #1
  10. Finger Exercise – Spider Walk #2
  11. Finger Exercise – Spider Walk #3
  12. Rhythmic Accent Strumming Basics

3. Guitar 301:  Finish-out (Chords, Songs and More)

  1. What to Expect When You Start Playing Chords
  2. The Em Chord
  3. The A2 Chord
  4. The 1 Minute Challenge – Em to A2
  5. The E Chord
  6. The A Chord
  7. The 1 Minute Challenge – A to E
  8. Tips for Forming and Changing EVERY Chord  PART 1
  9. Tips for Forming and Changing EVERY Chord  PART 2
  10. The G chord
  11. The C Chord
  12. The D Chord
  13. The Am Chord (A minor)
  14. The 1 Minute Challenge – C to Am
  15. The 1 Minute Challenge – C to G
  16. The 1 Minute Challenge – A to D
  17. The 1 Minute Challenge – E to A to D
  18. The A7 chord
  19. The D7 Chord
  20. The F Chord
  21. The B chord
  22. The Bm Chord (B minor)
  23. The Dm Chord (D minor)
  24. The 1 Minute Challenge – Am to Bm
  25. The 1 Minute Challenge – Am to Dm
  26. 2 Chord Beginner Song 1:  Achy Breaky Heart (A and E)
  27. 2 Chord Beginner Song 2:  Achy Breaky Heart (C and G)
  28. 2 Chord Beginner Song 3:  Tulsa Time (G and D)
  29. 2 Chord Beginner Song 4:  Tulsa Time (E and B)
  30. 3 Chord Beginner Song 1 : The Gambler
  31. 3 Chord Beginner Song 2: Leaving on a Jet Plane
  32. The Cm Chord (C minor)
  33. The Fm Chord (F minor) Barr Chord
  34. The Gm Chord (G minor) Barr Chord
  35. The B7 Chord
  36. The C7 Chord
  37. The E7 Chord
  38. The F7 Chord
  39. The G7 Chord
  40. The Cmaj7 (C Major 7)
  41. Easy Chord with Scary Name 1: D6add9/F#
  42. Beginner Song using a Scary Chord 1:  Horse with No Name
  43. The Asus4 Chord
  44. The Dsus4 Chord
  45. Pull-offs
  46. Hammer Ons
  47. Palm Muting
  48. Barre Chords Part 1
  49. Barre Chords Part 2
  50. The E minor pentatonic Scale
  51. The A minor Pentatonic Scale
  52. Beginner Song 1 using Palm Muting, Hammer-ons and Pull-offs 1: Cocain
  53. Beginner Song 2 using Riffs 1: Tulsa Time in E and B



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