Dear Member,

Eight of the lessons in my “Starting from Scratch” series are currently under re-construction. The lesson you are looking to view one of them.

If you get this tutorial in the course and need to start working on this skill, please send me an email at… Gaylerd@GaylerdGuitar.com and I will see what I can do to get it re-created quickly. Below are the lessons currently under re-construction:


41. Easy Chord with Scary Name 1: D6add9/F#

42. Beginner Song using a Scary Chord 1:  Horse with No Name

48. Barre Chords Part 1

49. Barre Chords Part 2

50. Visualizing Major Scales

51. Visualizing Minor Scales

52. Beginner Song 1 using Palm Muting, Hammer-ons and Pull-offs 1: Cocain

53. Beginner Song 2 using Riffs 1: Tulsa Time in E and B


I apologize for this inconvenince and I thank you for your understanding. – Gaylerd

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