“WOW! Factor”™

My signature style of playing guitar.

WOW!Factor“™ is the way I add certain riffs, fills and strumming patterns to the chords I am playing so I get a full, robust, twin-guitar sound on a single acoustic guitar.


And I can teach YOU how to put WOW!Factor“™ into your guitar playing so you can become the guitar player other guys talk about when they say things like…

Man, I wanna play like him!”


To show you what I mean, here is a FREE “WOW!Factor” Song Tutorial from my SHOWCASE Library!

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wow-155268_1280My “WOW!Factor™” technique evolved out of necessity over my years of playing as the only guitarist in duos and trios. I wanted to stand out from other guitar players. I wanted to play better than them! And just strumming chords like everybody else just wasn’t good enough for me. It always sounded so bland and weak. The key signature riffs and fills the audiences were listening for in the songs were missing. But just playing the signature notes by themselves sure wasn’t the answer either. Without hearing the chords while the notes were being played made the audience feel like they were attending a guitar recital. BORING!

So I started practicing adding the riffs and fills at the same time I played the chords! WOW! It sounded great! People started paying attention to my EXTREME ACOUSTIC GUITAR playing. They watched and listened and started saying things like… “Man, I wanna play like you!”