Hi, I’m Gaylerd,

Now there’s a good chance that you have not heard of me… yet! But while I may not be as well known as some of the other internet guitar teachers, I think you’ll agree that my video Song Tutorials are some of the very BEST pre-recorded lessons you will find anywhere today. And I hope that if you do like them,  you’ll help me spread the word about GaylerdGUITAR!



Alt TextI’m married and have five, that’s right, five kids ages 15 to 39 (as of 2015). I’ve been in the entertainment industry working as a professional musician and guitar teacher for over 40 years. But even more than being a dedicated musician and guitar teacher, I am dedicated to serving my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ by teaching the Bible. Today, through technology, I am able to combine my gift of music with my passion for serving The Lord

So during a lesson, I may choose to intertwine a short biblical message somewhere within the lesson. It may be in the middle, or it may be at the end. Now, you won’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. You’ll always have the option to skip it. But, let’s face it. Knowing about Jesus is a whole lot more important than knowing how to play guitar. Right? “Ah come on, you KNOW that’s right!” 

MY TEACHING PHILOSOPHY FOR MY “LIVE” ONLINE GUITAR LESSONS (I’m sorry, but I no longer offer LIVE Lessons. I just ran out of time!)
I am an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher who enjoys sharing my gift of guitar. I believe that students who enjoy their lessons, are the ones who will keep practicing to become the stellar guitar player other guys wanna be.  

So I personalize my lessons to help keep the student’s interests alive. I want them to be able reach their full guitar playing potential and instill in them, a love for playing guitar over a life-time. While I structure my lessons in ways to get the student started playing songs as quickly as possible, I don’t rush them! In fact, we won’t move forward until the student is ready to learn the next skill. We’ll move along at the student’s pace.

Age Groups  (I’m sorry, but I no longer offer LIVE Lessons. I just ran out of time!)
10 and up
Please be aware that some younger guitar students are better off taking their first two or three lessons in-studio, face-to-face where the instructor can actually place their fingers on the fretboard. I want to teach, but I also want to be sure each student gets the very best from my lessons. So if your child is under 10, let’s talk first! Click here to send me an email.

Acoustic Guitar

Teaching Specialty:

My specialty is the ability to bring songs I play to life by making it sound as if two guitars were playing simultaneously and projecting the true intent of the song to the audience. I do this by adding critical base riffs, lead fills and accent strumming to the chords. I refer to this trademark skill as “WOW!Factor“™.

Skill Levels Taught
Absolute Beginner, Intermediate, and Seasoned

Focus is on Classic Rock, Rock, Pop, Country, Contemporary Christian, but I can play most any song genre you are interested in learning.

FREE and Pay-to-learn Guitar Lessons

I offer both free song tutorials and Pay-to-learn guitar and song lessons. 

Time Zone
Central Standard Time (CST) Fort Worth, Texas, US

“So go ahead and take a look around and I’ll see you in my studio!”  –  Gaylerd