Find out if I can a create a lesson for your favorite song


If your song is not already listed in the SHOWCASE LIBRARY and you are interested in finding out if I can create a tutorial for it, send me a request. There is NO FEE for requesting. I’ll listen to the song to see if I can build a lesson for you. – Gaylerd




Here’s how it works:

  1. Send in the FREE Song Request Form below.
    • If you are requesting your free tutorial from a special offer:
      • Use SPECIAL OFFER CODE… “My Free Tutorial” on the form below.
      •  Your free tutorial will be added to the SHOWCASE library where you will be able to access it just as you do any other lesson. Other members will also be able to enjoy it, just as you are able to enjoy theirs.
  2. I’ll listen to the song(s) and then send you an email to let you know whether or not I can do it, along with an estimated ready date.
  3. You’ll need to pre-pay for your tutorial(s). Once I receive payment, I’ll start creating the video. When it’s ready, I’ll add it to the e-STORE and send you a COUPON CODE so you can download it for FREE.
  4. All of the tutorials I create will eventually be added to the SHOWCASE LIBRARY for other members to enjoy, just as you have enjoyed theirs.

1 Tutorial        = $35.00

2 Tutorials      = $49.99