BEGINNER Acoustic Guitar Lessons
The ABSOLUTE BEST WAY for ANY ONE at ANY AGE to learn to play guitar and songs… BETTER!


My Street-Smart Absolute Beginner Series teach you how to putWOW!Factor” into your guitar playing.
And my bite-sized, step-by-step tutorials will get you playing chords and songs better than other guys play them!


Learn to PLAY GUITAR BETTER with my “Street-Smart Beginner Series

Phase 1: Street-Smart Fundamentals
If you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll want to start on square one by learning basic guitar fundamentals you need to play songs better than the other guys. In this phase, we’ll cover topics like…

  • how to hold your guitar,
  • how to tune your guitar,
  • the names and numbers of the strings,
  • Street-Smart fretboard and string skills and exercises,
  • Street-Smart techniques to use so your chords ring out crisp, clear, and smooth,

Phase 2: Street-Smart Chords, Strumming Patterns and Songs
This is where you start learning WOW!Factor™” guitar skills. Nobody wants to sit around and listen to you play a few notes on the strings of your acoustic guitar. They want to hear you play their favorite songs. So in this phase, you’ll learn the skills you need to play songs better! You’ll learn things like…

  • basic major chords, 
  • basic minor chords, 
  • open major 7th chords,
  • open minor 7th chords,
  • open suspended chords,
  • basic strumming patterns,
  • how to change between chords smoothly,
  • chord progressions to use to play thousands of songs, PLUS….
  • beginner songs designed to teach you how to put WOW!Factor™” into basic strumming.

Phase 3: Street-Smart Arpeggio Riffs
Phase 3 is where you take your guitar playing up a notch so you can impress your friends. In this phase, you’ll learn how to add color and complexity to your chords with WOW!Factor™” skills like…  

  • arpeggio riffs, 
  • dynamic chord techniques,
  • dramatic strumming patterns.




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Lesson #10 – Basic Arpeggios in E minor
With my Street Smart Beginner Guitar Series, it won’t take long before you’re using “arpeggio” riffs patterns to play chord. The word arpeggio is an Italian word that means “like a harp”. In guitar, Arpeggio is the word used to describe the method used to pick random notes in a chord… one note at a time, letting each note ring out instead of playing them all together at the same time.

Arpeggio picking is a very important chord skill… especially for acoustic guitar players.
So in this lesson, Gaylerd shows you how to use arpeggiated picking with the Em chord.