Don’t forget to get the Chord Charts to your Favorite Songs!

These are the chord charts I created for myself when I learned the song to perform in public. So I tried to be as accurate as possible to make sure the chords were over the RIGHT words. I think you will find the chord chart to be very helpful when you are learning a song.

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Here’s how it works:

You can download the chord chart to any song in the SHOWCASE Library. Now, keep in mind that I don’t put every chord chart to every song in the e-STORE. It would take you for ever to find what you are looking form. So if you don’t see the chart you want in the store, don’t worry. You can still get it. Just send me the below form and tell me which chord charts you want and I will put them in the store right away. You can request up to 5 songs on the form.

  • Chord Charts are $2.95 each. (The only reason I charge for them is to help with the cost of the time it takes to create it.)
  • Please note that BEFORE you purchase a Chord Chart, you understand my charts are:
    • created for playing the chords to the songs on an acoustic guitar,
    • NOT sheet music and DO NOT provide Tabs,
    • my own interpretations so the guitar chords may not be accurate,
    • for private, study purposes only 
    • not intended to infringe copyright,
    • may not be in the same key as the recorded version/s.
  • NO REFUNDS are provided for downloaded products.
  • If you want a Chord Chart created for song that IS NOT in the Showcase Library, send me an email and I’ll see if I can do it. The price to create a special chord sheet is $5.95.

Members and Subscriber: If you are requesting your 3 FREE chord charts, select “Yes” in the appropriate field on the form below. Once I confirm your membership, I will send you an email to the address in your profile with a code to download the chord charts for FREE.

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