Arpeggio CHORDS & RIFFS The  “HOT Sauce” in Acoustic Guitar!     Turn Your Bland, Boring Chords into Spicy, Melodic Progressions with Arpeggios & Fretboard Notes ARPEGGIOS are the notes of a chord played one at a time by ringing each note out instead

Big Dawg Guitar

BIG DAWG GUITAR   SO YOU THINK YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO PLAY ACOUSTIC GUITAR… Well, you might want to think again!    INTRODUCING The BIG DAWG Guitar Series   The More BIG DAWG Guitar Skills You Have, The Less You Have to Talk About Them. You’re

Showcase Song Tutorials

My online video song tutorials are jam packed with chord diagrams, riff tabs, and other on-screen graphics. All served up with an EXTRA side of AWESOME! Theses lessons will teach seasoned guitar players how to put “WOW!Factor” into these songs so they become the guitar player other guys “wanna be”.