My online video song tutorials are jam packed with chord diagrams, riff tabs, and other on-screen graphics. All served up with an EXTRA side of AWESOME! Theses lessons will teach seasoned guitar players how to put “WOW!Factor” into these songs so they become the guitar player other guys “wanna be”.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Start your “WOW!Factor”™ Guitar journey off right! Learn to play guitar with Gaylerd’s online beginner guitar video series, “Starting from Scratch”and start becoming the extreme acoustic guitar player other guys “wanna be”!

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“Hall –PASS”    Fast-Track your guitar playing with a “Hall–PASS” to every learning resources on GaylerdGUITAR™.     Check out my SPECIAL “Hall-PASS” OFFFER   What is a “Hall-PASS“? A “Hall-PASS” is my all-access subscription service that provides on-demand admittance to every learning resource